Convex stickers are a very universal product used for visual identification of company. If you are thinking about buying branded stickers with your logo, and you don’t know if you will have where to use them, I assure you that there is nothing to fear. The stickers have a strong adhesive layer and the protection with polyurethane resin. That allows them to be stick almost everywhere. They are cheap, practical and needed in almost every company – they can be glued to sent parcels or products that you make. Most often they are bought by producers of products. As an example, I can provide here the doors manufacturer, windows, as well as a distributor of aquarium accessories. Products decorated with your logo provide visual identification of your business wherever they go.

3D / relief printed with an individual design that we can prepare for you can be made from 50 pieces. The minimum size of the convex sticker we propose is 15×15 mm. Stickers are made in various (any) shapes and sizes. These can be, for example, square or rectangular labels or circles. In addition, we can also cut after the contour – e.g. letters. We deliver each printed part of stickers on one or several sheets – it depends on the effort and size.

Individual prepared stickers are a very convenient method of graphic marking / visual identification of each company. Familiarize yourself with our portfolio and see how many companies use this type of solutions;) Nice design and high-quality resin-coated print will certainly increase the value of any gadget or product. Let us deal with graphics and print. You only think about what size of the stickers will be the best, how much you will need them, then fill out the form on the page with the offer on convex stickers or email me ( to get a graphic visualization of the project.

I invite you to read with our offer for making convex stickers in any shape with your LOGO.

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